SharePoint Online: share files and folders to external user

Sharing Settings in Microsoft 365 Admin Center

Go to the Microsoft 365 admin center:

  1. Settings -> Org Settings -> Security & Privacy -> Sharing

2. “Let users add new guests to the organization” is checked by default. When this setting isn’t selected, only admins can add guests.

3. Click “change the external sharing settings for ‎SharePoint‎” to choose how your users can share ‎SharePoint‎ sites created within your organization.

Sharing Settings in SharePoint Admin Center

  1. Go to SharePoint admin center:
  • Option 1: Click “Go to ‎SharePoint‎ admin center” link which shown at the bottom of above screenshot.
  • Option 2: Microsoft 365 Admin Center menu -> Show All -> Admin Centers -> SharePoint

2. Expand Sites menu -> active sites -> select the site -> policies -> External sharing

3. Click Edit in External sharing, then you can set your sharing policy.

Share a Folder to external user

  1. Go to the SharePoint site collection and click share icon to share folder.

2. Input the external user’s email

3. Don’t worry about the red message, click the dropdown arrow on the right which is the entry of link settings -> Choose Specific People -> Apply -> Send.

Sharing Notification Email

External user will receive a notification email with Open button, click open and then can request code for access the shared folder.

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